Solenoid Actuator

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Electrical actuation of door interlocks

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Solenoid Actuator
Solenoid Actuator

New elevator concepts such as home lifts or elevator applications for disabled persons increased the demand for a possibility of a direct electrical actuation of door interlocks. K.A.Schmersal offers a special solenoid actuator for use with the AV 15 and AV 18 door interlocks. For many years already, these pull strap- or roller lever-actuated door interlocks are used all over the world to lock single-leaf shaft doors. The actuator is fixed to the doorframe or the doorpost using the integrated mounting plate and flanged to the pull strap of the door interlock by means of the integrated coupling. The solenoid actuator features a compact design, which provides for a perfect integration in the surrounding construction. The mounting bracket, the fork head and the pull strap adapter are all included in delivery to simplify the fitting on site. The completely plastic-capsulated coil of the magnet is overexcited by an electronic during the switch-on moment to obtain a higher actuating force. After a short while, the current is considerably reduced to decrease the energy consumption and therefore the heat production of the component during the interlocking condition as well. Therefore, the energisation of the magnet or the actuation of the door interlock is not limited in time (100% ED). A device connector to DIN EN 175301-803 is used to connect the solenoid actua-tor through the over-excitation control, which is fitted onto a cooling plat on top of the magnet.

Posted on September 3, 2013 - (1525 views)
K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG
Möddinghofe 30
42279 Wuppertal - Germany
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