Safety Sensor RSS 16

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For increased door offset tolerance

Sensor Technology, Industry 4.0

Safety Sensor  RSS 16
Safety Sensor RSS 16

The Schmersal Group presents its new generation of safety switches to meet machine constructors' expectations in terms of flexibility, increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. One example is the RSS 16 safety sensor: it no longer has a mechanical actuator, now the target is identified on a contactless basis. The RFID technology forms the basis which makes the safety sensor a "communication-compliant" component in line with new Industry 4.0 concepts. This means the RSS 16 allows increased tolerance in terms of door offset as it transmits an electronic warning signal when the offset limits are reached, even before the machine is switched off.

The RFID sensors provide information which can be used for preventative maintenance. This means the user can intervene early to correct door offset in order to avoid production downtime. The other benefits of the RSS 16 include the option of approaching the target from three sides - which means the sensor can easily be fitted in a wide range of installation situations. In addition, the safety sensor is available as a magnet stop so that the designer no longer needs a separate stop with latching. Because it has a similar design and the same dimensions, the RSS 16 can simply replace the conventional AZ 16 electromechanical safety switch without any changes to the surrounding construction. Video shows benefits of the RSS 16 in action The video animation from Schmersal clearly explains the basic functionality and the simple installation of the RSS 16.

The clip also showcases the coding versions, which guarantee increased manipulation protection, plus the increased plant availability and operational safety guaranteed by means of the wide tolerance range to door offset or the controlled switch-off process in the event of a cross-circuit. Universal application: PS 116 position switch The new, compact PS 116 position switch with safety function from Schmersal reliably monitors laterally shiftable or rotatable protective equipment. The development of the PS 116 focused on increasing the net benefit for the customer. The desired functions and properties included an extremely compact design and universal applicability in order to reduce storage costs, among other things. The PS 116 is smaller than an EN 50057 position switch and can therefore be installed in even the most of confined of spaces. The housing is also symmetrical and the actuator heads can be implemented in 45o increments.

This means designers can use the same switch for both left and right handed versions. Different contact versions for snap and slow action allow a wide range of switching and monitoring functions to be implemented. With protection types IP66 or IP67, the position switches can also be used in adverse ambient conditions. Thanks to the prefabricated switches in the cable and plug version, customers also benefit from faster installation times. Systematic position recording Video of PS 116 The benefits of the PS 116 are also shown in a clear video animation:

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Safety Sensor RSS 16

For increased door offset tolerance

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