Safety Sensor with Integrated Software Logic

Compact safety sensor RSS260 offers four additional optional functions

  • Safety Sensor with Integrated Software Logic
    Safety Sensor with Integrated Software Logic

Schmersal Group enhances its RSS260 sensor with new software for feedback monitoring, automatic or manual restart, reset and emergency stop monitoring. The Schmersal's RSS260 safety sensor performs the tasks of a safety relay module in the F0/F1 version. It thus monitors the safety gate and contactors that are directly actuated by the sensor outputs. The control is performed by the integrated logic without the need for a separate evaluation device.

The F0 version allows an automatic restart when all protective devices are closed. The additional "activation button" without edge monitoring can be switched in the feedback loop, which makes the F0 version suitable for small machines without a protective space accessible from the rear.

With its reset function in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1, the F1 version is suitable for small systems where the danger zone is accessible to the operator. The edge-monitored reset button must be pressed before the machine is restarted when the system is in a safe state and no one is in the danger zone.

The Q function applies to machines that require the use of an emergency stop switch. The Q function in the last sensor of the chain, which meets the requirements up to PL e, allows the monitoring of the E-STOP switching elements integrated in a series circuit, making the installation of a separate safety circuit for the E-STOP switches unnecessary. A reset button is still required because automatic restart is only allowed after an emergency stop command is reset.

The RSS260 reduces wiring and offers simplified installation

"The additional features of the RSS260 not only make it possible to save on a safety relay module, but they also reduce the wiring and installation effort. What's more, the Q variant does not require a separate safety circuit for the EMERGENCY STOP," explains Uwe Richter, Product Manager for Safety Technology, summarizing the benefits of the new software.

The compact design of the RSS260 (40 x 18 x 30 mm) and the corresponding sensor-target combination allow it to be mounted on aluminum profiles but also on other door formats such as common Plexiglas doors and panels, which offers advantages to the RFID sensor even in its standard version. Finally, the sensor is equipped with an AS-i-Safety-at-Work interface and an interface for the Schmersal SD bus. The serial diagnostics function (SD) allows the serial connection of up to 31 safety sensors and guard locking devices.