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Stainless Steel Fittings
Stainless Steel Fittings

Eisele uses stainless steel grades 1.4307 or higher for the FREELine series. As a threaded fitting with a hose they offer a maintenance-friendly and flexible alternative to classic pipework and are easy to clean. The dead zone-free construction means that no residue remains in the fittings. Outer diameters up to 22 mm allow even liquid foods to flow through the lines at the required pressure. While product purity is decisive for paints and lacquers, hygienic aspects are another important factor in the case of foods and pharmaceuticals. In all cases, easy and thorough cleaning of the media circuit is necessary, to enable fast changing of media. Residue must be absolutely eliminated. The design of these fittings without an additional seal ring is another advantage, especially when used with aggressive cleaning agents. The elimination of the seal ring is also a significant cost factor. The fittings are suitable for an operating pressure range from 0 to 25 bar and temperatures between 0 and 100°C. They are used with hoses made of PA, PTFE or FEP. One rotary motion is all it takes to lock the fitting during installation. Fast connecting and disconnecting is a major advantage in comparison with a pipe connection and offers more flexibility within the system. In addition, the fitting is insensitive to vibrations, since it has no moving parts when in closed condition. Possible applications are the transport of high-end products such as paints, foods or pharmaceuticals

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