The European Power Industry will recover with a plus of 10%

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Reaching nearly the result of 2008 in the year 2011

The European Power Industry will recover with a plus of 10%
The European Power Industry will recover with a plus of 10%

On invitation of the Swiss Association of Gears and Transmission Elements within SWISSMEM, the European power transmission engineering industry held its Board meeting on 3rd November 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Theo Maas, EUROTRANS President and CEO Mechanical Drives, Siemens AG, I DT MD, described the situation in 2011 for the European power transmission industry as a very positive development, even if the European situation is still volatile. Nevertheless some European power transmission companies have already reached the results of the very successful year 2008.

In 2011, the European power transmission industry (without bearings) will reach a plus of 10 % to more than 13 billion Euro. For 2012, the industry expects a plus of 3%. "The conditions in our branch are still good. The atmosphere is positive and we are sure, that the growth will continue". Theo Mass: "The European power transmission industry is still competitive to Asia and the USA because we have well educated people and great organized production processes.

The importance of Asian customers and the competition from China is constantly high. We have to develop a high efficient production line and process in Europe." This is one reason why EUROTRANS will continue its successful specialised training on gear design and engineering on master level. This training on master level is hold in English in four different European countries in order to guarantee the best trainers and facilities dedicated to gear design, engineering and manufacturing. The training session in gear design and calculation will continue in the second half of 2012.

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