Unimpeded Flow Sections

Stainless steel

  • Unimpeded Flow Sections
    Unimpeded Flow Sections

Meister Strömungstechnik has developed a new series of unimpeded flow sections having different nominal diameters, which allows quick and easy installation of measuring devices and sensors in machinery and systems. The unimpeded flow sections of the series BS-228 are completely made ​​of stainless steel (1.4571) and therefore have a high chemical resistance to a number of industrially used liquids and gases. The process connection is made by connecting thread to DIN EN ISO 228-1 and ensures a quick and safe installation. When using commercially available pipes and fittings as unimpeded flow sections, the seal often poses a danger to the meter. Thus, for example, excess sealing material, such as hemp or Teflon tape, can wind around the sensors and block them. Improperly used liquid sealants can run into the device and cause permanent damage to the sensors. The unimpeded flow sections from Meister are neatly and securely sealed with gaskets or O-rings. Allowing for the fluid to be measured and the operating conditions, the operator can select the optimal seal for his application. The O-ring seal, depending on the nominal size, can be used at pressures up to 350 bar. The maximum operating temperature is 160 degrees C.

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