Versatile Thermal Circuit Breaker

Based on the TA35, the TA36 from Schurter is a refreshing product with a modern design

  • Versatile Thermal Circuit Breaker
    Versatile Thermal Circuit Breaker

The Schurter TA36 thermal circuit breaker is based on the TA35. Since a good product today must also withstand the critical gaze of a clientele who is accustomed to design, this new version offers a contemporary look. Gently curved lines and the best materials combined in the TA36 result in an appealing feeling. Both the flange (3 colours) and the actuator (7 colours) are available in a variety of colours and colour combinations with 5 different types of markings. In the technical part, the TA36 series is a particularly versatile series of miniature circuit breakers with a high UL rating of 277 VAC. It is available as a 1- or 2-pole version and impresses with its compact dimensions.

Highly configurable and an appealing design

The new TA36 offers both the function of an appliance switch and thermal overcurrent protection. Finely graded rated currents from 0.05 A to 20 A are available for 1- and 2-pole circuit breakers. The TA36 switches are designed for efficient snap-in mounting and are equipped with plug-in connections (Quick-Connect). The TA36 can find its purpose in various applications, from industrial and medical technology to consumer goods.

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