Virtual Personal Assistant ODP S3

Makes human-machine interaction more intelligent, efficient and convenient

  • Virtual Personal Assistant ODP S3
    Virtual Personal Assistant ODP S3

SemVox uses the latest AI-technologies to create novel types of assistance systems. Human-machine interaction becomes this way easier. Most assistant systems are limited to speech recognition and to carrying out user commands. SemVox Systems understand and comprehend the meaning behind the user's utterances, they comprehend the user's intentions and are able to ask in case of unclear input. This gives users the freedom to phrase their input individually and to interact spontaneously and intuitively with their personal digital assistant

A comprehensive support

SemVox solutions help users find the information they really need by giving advice and suggestions. They are even able to process context factors, e.g. the user's current location, personal preferences, their interaction histories, and include them in the interaction. The systems even take initiative and give suggestions. In case of high cognitive load, SemVox solutions dose the information so as not to divert the user's attention from other tasks, e.g. driving. SemVox makes human-machine interaction more intelligent, efficient and convenient. Users can delegate tasks to their virtual personal assistants in a comfortable, intuitive way. 

SemVox solutions are employed in a wide range of sectors, e.g. automotive (connected cars), smart phones, home entertainment, etc.

Graduated in political sciences and international relations in Paris, Anis joined the team in early 2019. Editor for IEN Europe and the new digital magazine AI IEN, he is a new tech enthusiast. Also passionate about sports, music, cultures and languages. 

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