Visual Alert System in Case of Fall

Detects and analyzes the behaviors in a room

  • by VA2CS
  • April 16, 2020
  • Visual Alert System in Case of Fall
    Visual Alert System in Case of Fall

VA²CS is a company that made up an innovative AI enabling automatic detection in case of a fall or abnormal behavior from isolated older people. This AI will in the future be able to predict a fall with high efficiency and warn families or healthcare people before it occurs. In such a period in which contact avoidance is recommended, this solution is fitted to keep an eye on vulnerable people by upstream security and prevention in case of immobility.

Suitable for intrusion detection, identification, fall, run away, behavior deterioration, loss of consciousness and night-time sunrise detection

Asked about the future of the use of AI technologies as prevention tools, Ramzi Larbi, CEO and founder of VA²CS answered: “I do think that we will use more and more prevention tools such as VA²CS. Before this health crisis, the population may think that AI devices were coming to replace humanity, but the post-crisis situation will maybe demonstrate something else. The population may now understand that AI tools are designed to help us.”.

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