When Machine Design and Aesthetics Come Together

Elecolors meets the yellow of Top Automazioni, which chose Elesa components with yellow inserts to better differentiate their products against competition helping visual identification at a glance

  • When Machine Design and Aesthetics Come Together
    When Machine Design and Aesthetics Come Together
  • When Machine Design and Aesthetics Come Together
    When Machine Design and Aesthetics Come Together

The use of colour in industrial components offers a perfect aesthetic compatibility with the colors of the machines they are installed on. Elecolors is the affirmation of an insight that Elesa had at the beginning of the ’90s with the Ergostyle® line, which introduced new values such as design, ergonomics and colorful components in the mechanical industry world. Elesa today offers an extensive selection of standard components in the Elecolors chromatic range (RAL Colors): Pure orange, Light grey, Colza yellow, Pastel blue, Flame red, Jet black and Black grey. The success of the line has inspired Elesa to add a new color: the May green, which completes the range. 

Machine design and aesthetics

The opening of the industrial machines world to design and aesthetics has allowed this line to be very popular today even in sectors where, traditionally, a component had only to perform correctly and it was not required to be “beautiful”, as well. Top Automazioni, a mechanical company based in Poggio Torriana (Rimini - Italy), is today the most innovative company in the production of bar feeders. A dynamic company, that has always appreciated quality and technical performances of Elesa components that very recently started considering the idea of improving the aesthetics of its machines. They were actually asking for a solution to better differentiate their products against competition helping visual identification at a glance.

Elecolors was the easy, direct answer from Elesa without any additional costs. Top Automazioni chose Elesa components with yellow inserts – yellow is in fact its Corporate color. In particular they selected Elesa clamping elements, tubular handles and bridge handles with Colza Yellow RAL color inserts. 

A combination of innovation and customized design

These products are now installed on the latest Top Automazioni machinery, Infinity: a combination of innovation featuring a setting system that allows the adjustment of the bushings to the rotating bar. "The huge advantage of Elecolors lies in the fact that they are standard products available in stock and in the color you prefer, as our advertising campaign announces." says Stefano Barbati, Sales Manager for Italy, which continues: "For Elesa, the standardization of components in different colors than the traditional black is a significant investment and the result of our expertise. It is the direct evidence of our commitment to meet the growing demand for aesthetic values added to mechanical components in combination to high technical performances”.

“Another advantage from the practical and commercial point of view" - specifies Barbati - "is that colored components have the same price as the black ones and same sales unit. This means, for our customers, the prompt availability of products, without any additional cost”.

Why Elecolors

"The possibility to easily integrate our loader with inserts in our corporate color has led us to Elecolors. A line, we were particularly impressed by. We like the elegance and the design in combination with color which enhance the features of our loaders” - explains Nicola Bargellini, owner of Top Automazioni – “After all, even for a machinery, as for any other objects, aesthetics is the first aspect appealing a customer, grabbing its attention. Then, of course, it is up to the technical features and performances to determine the suitability for the user's requests”.

Aesthetics and technical quality find a perfect combination in Elecolors components: All Elesa components in the Elecolors range used for our loaders have been particularly appreciated by our customers as well. So, we can frankly state that Elecolors range has improved the perceived quality of our products" – concludes Nicola Bargellini.

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