Yokogawa Invests in CyberneX, Developer of a Technology for Measuring Brainwaves with a High-performance Earphone-type Device

The company aims at accelerating the joint R&D of braintech to tackle challenges faced by industry and society

  • October 7, 2021
  • Yokogawa Invests in CyberneX, Developer of a Technology for 
Measuring Brainwaves with a High-performance Earphone-type Device
    Yokogawa Invests in CyberneX, Developer of a Technology for Measuring Brainwaves with a High-performance Earphone-type Device

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces it has invested in CyberneX Co., Ltd., a Japan-based startup that has developed a compact, lightweight, and high-performance earphone-type device capable of measuring brainwaves in real time. CyberneX and Yokogawa will collaborate in the conduct of empirical research with the aim of constructing a platform for the visualization of information on the mental states of individuals, based on brainwave data. The companies will work to develop applications that will lead to the effective utilization of this technology by industry and society.

In recent years there has been a rising interest in brain technology, a field that brings together neuroscience and IT. It is anticipated that there will be many different applications for this technology, and investment by government institutions and the private sector is on the rise around the world. Uses for this have already been found not only in medicine and healthcare, but also in product development and education, and the industrial sector too is now actively moving to adopt and make use of this technology in operations.

The earphone-type device developed by CyberneX is easy to put on and take off, and it can measure brainwaves in real time and with low noise even when the subject wearing the device is moving. As this device can be used in everyday situations and working environments, it is extremely practical and enables the visualization of previously difficult to capture information on users’ sensations and emotions. Leveraging the features of this earphone device, users can receive auditory feedback that guides them to an ideal psychological and physical state. Moving forward, CyberneX is looking into the possibility of using physiological data such as blood pressure and heart rate to obtain deeper insights into the psychological states of human subjects.

Through this collaboration between CyberneX, a startup company with innovative technology, and Yokogawa, a well-established company with a wealth of knowledge in process automation, synergy will be created that will lead to new innovations in the brain technology field.

CyberneX CEO/CTO Motofumi Baba says, “Our mission is to pursue the potential that brain information possesses, and to make it more readily available in everyday life. I believe that gaining a deep understanding of humans will bring about brand-new forms of communication, and that this will lead to the development of a wide range of applications. By strengthening our relationship with Yokogawa and constructing a platform for the effective use of brain information, we will help to build a flourishing society and create new industries.”

Tsuyoshi Abe, a Yokogawa Electric Corporation senior vice president and head of the Marketing Headquarters, says, “Against the backdrop of digital transformation, the extent to which technology can bring benefits to humanity will become increasingly important. And in this context, I firmly believe that solutions leveraging brainwave technology will further increase human potential. Industry has seen a shift towards industrial autonomy, and I think that humans and machines will go on to coexist in a way that leverages their respective characteristics. In society, I think that these technologies will enable humans to live more prosperous lives. We will work to accelerate co-innovation with CyberneX, enabling the creation of new value not only for industry but also in the life science fields.”

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