Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Factory Automation Systems Group
2-3-7 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku
100-8310 Tokyo - Japan
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Supplier's articles
Cobot MELFA ASSISTA. Human Touch. Industrial Performance
Better HMI and Evolution from PCBs to PLCs Pave the Way for New Market Opportunities
Interface Technology
The CC-Link Partner Association Announces the Future Of Open Industrial Ethernet
Continued Market Growth Is Testament To The Development Of PLCs
UCB Life Scientists Use Robots to Test Cells by the Billion
Linear Transfer System with Smart Carriage Technology
Melfa FR Robot Series
Widescreen HMIs GT21 and GT25
Helping to grow Farming Operations
Mitsubishi Electric Acquires ASTES4 SA in Switzerland
Industrial Robots are on the Move
Empowering you to Make the Right Decisions
Alarm Management
The age of the plc platform is now
Industrial Ethernet Security
Six-axis Robot Turns 3D Printing Into an Art Form
For Delicate Handling and High Precision
Interactive Robot Application
CC-Link IE to PROFINET Coupler announced
Smart Condition Monitoring
Robots make sure there isn’t a screw loose...
Key Technology for Packaging Applications
New IT Platform for Factory Automation
The Future of Autonomous Driving
e-F@ctory Wins Technological Leadership Award
CNC Controller Premiere at EMO Milano 2015
HMI Operator Panel GT Series
MELFA ASSISTA Collaborative Industrial Robot
MELFA ASSISTA Collaborative Robot from Mitsubishi Electric
Guided Operator Solutions
Take your Manufacturing to the Edge. Connect Everything
Connect everything with eFactory
Connect Everything with e-Factory
Connect Everything with eFactory
e-F@ctory initiative
Take Your Factory With you
Quality Management and Digitalisation
Smart Condition Monitoring Solution
OPC UA companion specification
Enhanced Machine Handling
How Our Robots See an Apple
Flexible line integration delivered by modular Linear Transfer System
Product range extended with collaborative robot
New CPUs Designed for use in Dedicated PLCs
First results of the CLPA/PI initiative
Take your factory with you
Solutions for the Digital Transformation of Production
Association passes significant milestone
New Concept for Maintenance in Robotics
Wire-cutting Machines With New-generation Control
Empowering You to Make the Right Decisions
Smart Information System for Mobile Devices in Manufacturing
Open Gigabit Ethernet with CC-Link
Intelligent Control Technologies
e-F@ctory Demonstration Zone in China
For Delicate Handling and High Precision
Implementing High Speed Ethernet at the Field Device Level
IIoT Sewing Machines
IoT-Based Services for Manufacturing
Look out for Mitsubishi Electric at the Following Shows in May and June
Expanding Scope of e-F@ctory Solutions
Reducing the Impact of Infrastructure
Edge Computing Solutions
CLPA Webinar
Holistic Approach to Predictive Maintenance
CNC Controller for iQ-R Series
MELFA Robots
e-F@ctory Initiative
Robots in harmony
CC-Link IE Field Basic network launched
New Inverter incorporates Web Server Functionality
The e-F@ctory Alliance  supports production line integration
Guided operator solutions
M12 connector for CC-Link IE
PMSX pro Web Monitoring
Inverter drives in the water industry
e-F@ctory Alliance
Simple Motion Control for Elegant Solutions
Building a Predictable Future for Power Generation
New Contact Image Sensor
CC-Link Helps Cable Manufacturer
Art with a modern twist
New CC-Link IE I/O Blocks
Virtual Power Plants, the Future of Energy Availability
'Threebots' interactive robot installation receives several awards
Empowering Manufacturers to Make the Right Decisions
A 800 series inverter
New Mitsubishi Electric FA Center in Italy
New flush-mount HMI
2 Mio New CC-Link IE and CC-Link devices
Biomass-fired CHP Station
Environmentally sensitive cabling
Mitsubishi Electric Optimises Building Management
Software Solution for your Packaging Machine
CC-Link Partner Association: New Mexican office
Big capacity for energy saving
PLC for the water treatment
Lapp Group Grows with CC-Link
Codian Robotics
Factory Automation Centre Satellite
e-F@ctory Alliance
Intelligent Condition Monitoring
CC-Link IE and PROFINET Interoperability
Servo Selection Tool
Compact High-End Human-Machine Interface
Robots for Delicate Handling and High Precision
Milk Bottling Plant Extends Relationship With Mitsubishi Electric
New White Paper Covers Issues Related to Developing Smart Manufacturing Plant
Mitsubishi Electric Servo Amplifiers MR-JE-A and MR-J4-A-RJ
Seamless Integration
Melsec iQ-R Automation Controller
Waterworks Modernisation Supports Regional Economic Regeneration
New Medium Voltage Inverter
CLPA and PI to Cooperate for a Transparent Network Infrastructure
Mitsubishi Electric at the System Control Fair 2015
Automation Controller Melsec iQ-R Series
Permanently Sealed: The Right Film Sealing Solution for Every Application
MELSEC iQ-R Automation Controller
Wire Bending Machinery Benefits from Mitsubishi Electric F Series Robot Solution
Expansion Blocks Extend Capability of New FX5U PLC’s
Building chips for CC‑Link IE is Good for Business at Renesas
“MELFA SafePlus” Enables Robots and Humans Work Together in Harmony
Simple Motion Control for Elegant Solutions
Simple Motion Module
CC-Link Fieldbus Technology
Inverters F800 series
Simple Motion Solutions
PLC Module
Energy and Renewable Resources
CC-Link for Global Installed Base
Compact HMI with advanced functionality
Motion Control For Elegant Solutions
Mitsubishi Electric iQ Platform
Mitsubishi iQ-R Controller Launched
ME96SS Stand-Alone Power Meter
Standalone Data Logger Provides Simple Monitoring
Packaging Solutions
CC-Link IE
Entry-level GS Series HMI
Motion Control for Elegant Solutions
Modular Controller
CC-Link IE Gigabit Performance
Standalone Data Logger
Energy Assist Unit
Efficient Inverter
Modular Robot-Aided Handling System
Production Time Reduced by 83%, waste reduce by 20%
Standards IEC61158 and IEC61784
New Korean Technology Center in Corea
Flexible Modular Controller
Robot Decorates Cakes
Good Design Awards
Factory Automation System
Ethernet-Based Integrated Network
Modular Controller