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Micro Motor Contactor

October 2017

Micro Motor Contactor

Available in three- and four-pole versions

The new J7KNU contactor from Omron is ideally suited for a wide range of applications where a compact, dependable and easy-to-use power switching...

IO-Link Solution

August 2017

IO-Link Solution

Sensors and master modules for the Smart Factory

The new IO-Link compatible sensor range from Omron currently incorporates through-beam, retro-reflective and diffuse reflective photosensors,...

Temperature Controllers with included artificial intelligence

June 2017

Temperature Controllers with included artificial intelligence

Adaptive control for optimized processes

Omron’s new E5_D series - the next generation of controllers built on the successful E5_C platform - is designed to achieve optimal and...

Energy Efficiency at the Restaurant

April 2017

Energy Efficiency at the Restaurant

The remote power monitoring and management solution designed by Omron, allowed Inoma to save 20% energy costs in the restaurant industry

Griddles, fryers, electric hot-plates, ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners: these are just some example of energy consuming devices in a restaurant....

E3FZ photosensors

April 2009

E3FZ photosensors

that install ten times faster

Thanks to the SecureClick snap mounting system, the E3FZ photosensor, eliminates the need for nuts and screws and can simply be clicked into...

MS28/MS48 safety light curtains

March 2009

MS28/MS48 safety light curtains

for light guard installations

MS28 and MS48 safety light curtains facilitate the setting up of lightguard installations. They ensure rapid alignment thanks to an alignment...

DyaloX IPC range

February 2009

DyaloX IPC range

600 Mhz, up to 1GB RAM

The 600MHz DyaloX IPCs are suitable for running a wide range of basic applications and offer numerous options for expansion. Available in either...

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