Weg Electric Motors (UK) Ltd.
28/29 Walkers Road
B98 9ND Redditch - United Kingdom
+44-1527 596748
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Supplier's articles
Motor Analysis by App
Variable Speed Drives for High Power Range
Water Cooled Motor
Compressors Driven by Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drive
Electric Motors W22 and Variable Speed Drives CFW11M
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) CFW300
Variable Speed Drive CFW300
Variable Speed Drive CFW11 Series
Standard Industrial Motors
“Realising High Energy Savings”
Frequency Inverter
Mini Frequency Inverter
Permanent-magnet motor
30 % of Energy Savings at Exhibition Venue
Frequency Inverter
Motors Drive The Pumping Heart
Standard Motor
Motor/Inverter Package for Furnace Cooling System of Belgian Steel Maker
Sugar mill in Ecuador
Slipring motor
Motors powers 100 year old bridge
High efficiency motors & drives update large sludge pumps
Driving theme park in Latin America
Powering the world's largest industrial shredder
Mandatory efficiencies for electric motors
Motors and Generators