150W and 300W Open Frame Free Air Convection Cooled Power Supplies

LHP150F and LHP300F Power Supplies Certified to EN62477-1 OVC III for Safe Power Supply

  • 150W and 300W Open Frame Free Air Convection Cooled Power Supplies
    150W and 300W Open Frame Free Air Convection Cooled Power Supplies

COSEL has announced the addition of 150W and 300W free air convection cooled power supplies, the LHP150F and LHP300F designed for industrial applications requiring high levels of safety. Certified to EN62477-1 category three (OVC III) overvoltage standard, this allows the end equipment powered by these products to be connected directly to the main distribution panel without adding an additional level of insulation ensuring a high level of efficiency.

They operate over a wide universal input voltage range of 85 to 264 VAC and provide a typical high efficiency of 93%. Five different output voltages are available: 24V, 30V, 36V, 42V and 48V with respective output currents of 6.3A, 5.0A, 4.2A, 3.6A and 3.2A for the LHP150F and 12.5A, 10.0A, 8.4A, 7.2A and 6.3A for the LHP300F. A built-in potentiometer is used to adjust the output voltage.

The LHP150F and LHP300F have a peak power capability of 200% for 10 seconds for dynamic loads

Industrial applications often require higher current at start-up or during peak operation. Therefore, the LHP150F and LHP300F have been designed with a high level of dynamic control and a power stage capable of handling long peak loads, providing up to 10 seconds of peak power at 200% as standard. For example, the LHP150F version with 24V output delivers a continuous current of 6.3A with a peak of up to 12.6A. The same ratio applies to all versions of the LHP150F and LHP300F.

For low current harmonic distortion, the products use an active power factor correction (PFC), and the switching stage uses an LLC resonant topology combined with the latest generation of power semiconductors, guaranteeing a typical efficiency of up to 94%.

Compact design optimized for natural convection

The open-chassis LHP150F measures 75 x 27 x 160 mm (2.95 x 1.07 x 6.30 inches) and weighs a maximum of 320 g, while the LHP300F measures 84 x 37 x 180 mm (3.31 x 1.46 x 7.09 inches) and weighs 580 g maximum. Both models have 3000 VAC input-to-output, 2000 VAC input-to-ground (FG) and 500 VAC output-to-ground (FG) isolation, including integrated inrush, overcurrent and overvoltage protection circuits.

They meet UL (USA), C-UL (Canada), DEMKO (Denmark) and TUV (Germany) safety requirements and are certified to UL62368-1, C-UL (equivalent to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.62368-1), EN62368-1, EN62477-1 (OVC III). They are also compliant with DEN-AN, RoHS, REACH and low voltage directives.

Finally, more options are available such as coating (C), low leakage current (G), EP connector type (J4), remote on/off (R), chassis (S), chassis and cover (SN), terminal block type (T), connector for external capacitor bank (U1), 8-pin output connector (LHP300 only) (J5), screw terminal block (T4) and integrated DC fuse (DC).