3-D Portal for any 3-D System

Secures 24/7 data exchange through the Engineering Base

  • 3-D Portal for any 3-D System
    3-D Portal for any 3-D System

This new 3-D portal from Aucotec aims to standardize the link between 2-D and 3D engineering in mechanical and plant engineering. The interface also enables web-based, client independent data exchange between all common 3-D applications and Aucotec’s ooperation platform Engineering Base (EB) at any time. To achieve continuous consistency, Aucotec has already implemented 3-D connections for numerous customers. There are now two innovations that simplify the connection and speed up the exchange.

Standardized link and web service for data exchange

EB’s own standardized link is the first innovation which simplifies 3-D integration. Flexibly adaptable, this new "gateway" to the 3-D data allows the export of 2-D information to the 3-D system and the import of relevant 3-D data to EB via a tailored XML file. The second innovation is the web service for data exchange. The special 3-D service is like an extra layer in EB's architecture via which the user can obtain data at any time – with the appropriate rights, of course. Thus, the 3-D portal not only opens the door (gateway) to mutual "understanding" of the second and third engineering dimensions, but also to greater flexibility and efficiency in plant design.

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