Integrative engineering platform

copes with future data flood

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    Integrative engineering platform

Integrative engineering platform copes with future data flood from distributed power generation and new smart distribution

The transition in energy supply towards decentralised and also very small generating units and a wide range of energy sources as well as intelligent networks for distribution and acceptance means that operators in particular are facing enormous challenges. At the Hannover Messe (Hanover Trade Fair) 2013, Aucotec will, with its platform Engineering Base (EB), present an integrative solution that standardises the planning and documentation of various disciplines and thus makes the extremely heterogeneous data flood manageable.

Regardless of whether biogas plants, wind turbines, small combined heat and power systems, solar roofs or the battery of an electric vehicle connected to a charging station: until now, there has been no standard that governs how all these distributed energy suppliers should be reliably documented to meet the requirements of the energy supply sector. Even the solar panels, cables and junction boxes of individual solar field arrays as well as their transmission circuits are developed with a number of different tools, labelling systems and standards.

Diversity is the common denominator

With decades of experience in the energy supply sector, the software specialist developed the database-driven EB, which can map all engineering requirements in a system with openness and consistency. This integrative solution is of particular interest to local providers who will be increasing significantly in importance precisely because of the existing renewable energy sources in their catchment area. Municipal service companies can pool their resources with the expertise on process engineering, electrical engineering, power distribution technology and communications technology combined in EB. Human resources can be employed more flexibly and IT will not be burdened with complex system and interface maintenance.

Smart integration of smart grids

The enormous number and diversity of energy sources must also be able to be controlled and used in an intelligent and phased manner by the smart grids. This involves capturing and managing huge amounts of production and consumption data. The platform also has a solution for this need based on EB's experience with the special engineering requirements of communications technology. The system is capable of consistently integrating planning and documentation for smart grids in a way that links with all the disciplines involved.

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