Absolute Magnetic Linear Encoder System

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For motor control applications

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Absolute Magnetic Linear Encoder System
Absolute Magnetic Linear Encoder System

The LMA10 is an absolute magnetic linear encoder system by RLS which has been designed for motor control applications as a position and velocity control loop feedback element. The information carrier is a magnetic scale which consists of a stainless steel substrate with an elasto-ferrite layer. The elasto-ferrite layer is magnetised with two tracks. The incremental track is magnetised with 2 mm long (south or north) poles and the absolute track is magnetised by a pseudo random binary sequence (PRBS) absolute code with 13 bit length. The elasto-ferrite layer is immune to chemical damage. The readhead includes Hall sensor arrays for PRBS track reading, an AMR sensor for incremental track rading, interpolation electronics and custom logic circuitry. The algorithms of the logic circuitry receive the data from the interpolator and Hall arrays, re-calculate and combine them into absolute position data. The encoder design provides extremely short response and recovery times, which consequently makes it ideal for applications with high dynamic control loops. The encoder outputs warning and alarm status information through serial communication channel and status LED. The alarm bit informs the sub-system that the output position data is not valid. The warning bit informs the sub-system that the position data is valid, but that some of the parameters are close to the processing limits. Setting of zero position is possible by zeroing input on the output cable.

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We design, produce and supply advanced rotary and linear motion sensors to meet growing global market demands. With experienced sales engineers Renishaw our partner company and our other distributors provide leading sales support for our products worldwide.

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