Additive Manufacturing Emerging as a “Game Changer”

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With respect to the sports equipment industry

Additive Manufacturing Emerging as a “Game Changer”
Additive Manufacturing Emerging as a “Game Changer”

Mass customization is undergoing a renaissance as customers begin to interact directly with manufacturers during the design process. This transforms a manufacturer's ability to meet the requirements of the consumer. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) provides a conduit for mass customization on both the consumer and industrial levels by enabling key features of a product family to be adapted to the unique specifications of the buyer. By leveraging the capabilities of additive manufacturing, companies can design product families that can be modified at both early and late stages in the production cycle. This often results in designs that redefine the value of a part or product. While additive manufacturing has tremendous potential across a wide variety of industries, in a respective report ARC Advisory Group explores several facets of the technology's potential in the more than $150 billion global sports equipment market, where unique designs and bespoke customized production can provide manufacturers and athletes alike with a competitive advantage.
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Posted on May 28, 2013 - (414 views)
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