Adsorption Dryers

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Adsorption Dryers
Adsorption Dryers

The heatless pressure swing adsorption dryers for compressed air systems from HI-Line Industries have been designed with simplified plug and play installation. They operate at a pressure range of 7-10 barg and use positively driven ball valves, stainless steel pipe work and high quality check valves ensuring continuity of flow without dewpoint spiking or pressure drop. A digital logic controller is fitted, with an optional automatic energy management system also available for dewpoint control. These dryers provide air throughput capacities from 20scfm (34 Nm³/h), up to 5500 scfm (9350 Nm³/h). Product footprints range from 675 x 380mm up to 2900 x 1900mm and heights from 1625 to 3000mm.

Posted on March 8, 2010 - (1070 views)
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