Alternative Filter Elements for Drop-in Installation

Manufactured to ISO 8573-1:2010 standards

  • Alternative Filter Elements for Drop-in Installation
    Alternative Filter Elements for Drop-in Installation

Hi-line Industries presents ‘copy exact’ alternative elements to ensure a simple ‘drop-in and seal’ installation procedure at the point of use. The Hi-line elements available cover not only the compressed air (both coalescing and drying operations), together with the vacuum and breathing-air quality markets, but also the liquids filtration requirements as associated with the chemical, processing, hydraulics, water, medical, breweries, dairies, pharmaceutical and many general food processing establishments.

It is important that these essential filtration components are regularly replaced at recommended service deadlines to prevent potential damage to downstream capital equipment and/or interruptions to production line outputs. The Hi-line ‘one-stop’ filtration service covers the supply of both original OEM filtration elements, as well as their own manufacture of highly-economic alternative cartridges.

Experienced plant engineers are aware that regular maintenance using OEM original equipment cartridges can prove expensive. However, growing numbers are turning to Hi-line’s proven experience in manufacturing ‘copy exact’ alternatives to these OEM filters, taking advantage of prices that can be up to 75% less, all without any detriment to build quality, performance or service life expectancy.

Hi-line alternative elements are manufactured to ISO 8573-1:2010 standards, complying with the necessary compressed air purity classes. Furthermore, in order to deliver over four times the filtration area compared to conventional wrapped or rolled media filters, a Hi-line pleated media construction is utilised, together with high quality stainless steel to ensure a robust solution for all industrial filtration requirements.

Replacement alternative filters supplied by Hi-line are at least performance equal to any original filter elements that need to be replaced. In many cases, however, the Hi-line elements can substantially outperform these OEM products, so then acting as a complete performance upgrade for an established system. The increase in operating performance of a Hi-line filter compared to original fitments can be as impressive as 60%, while the prices of Hi-line products have also remained stabilised for several years.

Among the many additional benefits of alternative filter elements from Hi-line are high flow rates, good dirt holding potential, low differential pressures, less oil carry-over and long service life. Popular filter element sizes are available off the shelf for immediate delivery, with planned delivery schedules also available as required.

Utilising their electronic filter element cross-reference database, Hi-line internal and external sales teams, can quickly identify replacement filter elements for same day dispatch.