Condensate Drains

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Eliminate accumulated contaminants from pressurised air systems

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Condensate Drains
Condensate Drains

The ZLD series of condensate drains now available from Hi-line Industries are designed to eliminate accumulated contaminants from pressurised air systems. They incorporate a level control which ensures zero air loss during the condensate discharge process which is via a diaphragm valve. Contaminants contained in the airline condensate (including oil, water, rust and other accumulated debris) can be highly detrimental to production processes, including in-line equipment as well as production batches. Condensate drains are designed to remove this damaging material from pressurised air systems at minimum expense and in the safest manner. The zero-loss products incorporate a large cross-section diaphragm valve to flush out the condensate under the fault-free operation of the valve. At the same time, the condensate is prevented from forming an emulsion which would incur expensive condensate treatment. A volt-free alarm contact is also incorporated in the ZLD products to monitor the condensate drainage process. Four models are available in the range, suitable for operation with airline pressures up to 16 bar, within a temperature range of 1 - 60°C. They are designed typically for operation with compressor aftercoolers, refrigeration dryers and airline filter units, covering throughput capacities from 180m³/h up to 95000m³/h.

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