Optimized Energy-Efficient Refrigerant

Hi-line improves its drying solutions with R513a refrigerant

  • Optimized Energy-Efficient Refrigerant
    Optimized Energy-Efficient Refrigerant

The 2021 version of the Tundra range features for 6 of its models the R513a refrigerant, a HFC/HFO blend, without ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) thus reducing its carbon footprint. Hi-line’s R513a refrigerant was designed to replace the R134a, to comply with increasingly strict legislation in this area.

High-quality design reducing environmental impact

Featuring direct expansion technology, it allows a constant +3°C dewpoint. The aluminum heat exchanger module enables effective heat transfer at low energy cost while the variable-speed fan only consumes the necessary energy. Fan speed control on the refrigerant circuit eliminates the need for fan pressure switches making it suitable for applications such as workshop air and machine air in general manufacturing.