Advanced & Customizable Touchpad Solutions

Offer smooth and precise cursor control

  • by NSI bv
  • October 27, 2020
  • Advanced & Customizable Touchpad Solutions
    Advanced & Customizable Touchpad Solutions

This touchpad from NSI and Cursor Controls Ltd gives precise cursor control with one of the most advanced sensing technologies. When installed, the design allows for easy cleaning, decontamination, and maintenance, ensuring continued optimum performance and operation under the harshest of conditions. IP65 sealed, they provide both conventional X and Y-axis cursor movement with plug-and-play, multi-finger gesture support for enhanced user interaction.

Suitable in industrial consoles, medical systems, marine systems applications and more

The touchpads are fully customizable with functionality and gesture mappings, layout, size and appearance, including custom branding options. They feature 8 shortcut keys (located at the top of the touchpad module), a USB output and a glass overlay. The shortcut keys utilize capacitive touch sensing technology and incorporate functions such as Cut, Copy & Paste, cursor resolution adjustment etc., as well as a panel lock feature to facilitate cleaning/decontamination of the device.

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