AEG Power Solutions Will Supply Protect SC.600 Storage Converters to UniEnergy Technologies

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The storage converters have been chosen for their wide voltage and current range, flexibility, and small footprint

AEG Power Solutions Will Supply Protect SC.600 Storage Converters to UniEnergy Technologies
AEG Power Solutions Will Supply Protect SC.600 Storage Converters to UniEnergy Technologies

AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power electronic systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energy applications, today announced it has been chosen by UniEnergy Technologies (UET) to supply Protect SC.600 storage converters for their Uni.System™. UET produces innovative large-scale battery energy storage systems for utility, commercial and industrial, micro-grid, and other applications. In particular, the systems are able to help overcome challenges in adding renewable energy sources to the public grid, including grid stabilization and grid leveling. The Uni.System provides unlimited cycles, 20 year life, and use of the battery's full state-of-charge, The AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) storage converters are installed at two sites.

Firstly, at UET's headquarters in Mukilteo, Washington, USA on the Harbour Pointe distribution circuit, they are being used by UET for production and acceptance testing in a 2 megawatt/4hrs (8 MWh) installation. Secondly, the storage converters are included in UET's 1 megawatt/4hrs (4 MWh) deployment on the Turner distribution circuit at a manufacturing facility in Pullman, Washington, USA. UET selected the Protect SC.600 because of its outstanding mix of features and benefits. In particular, the company was impressed by its wide voltage and current range, its flexibility in configuration, and its small physical footprint. Protect SC.600 is a bi-directional power converter based on IGBT technology. In battery energy storage systems, it transforms the battery's chemically stored energy into a useful grid service by supply the right electric component, at the right time, with the right amount and form of electrical power. Protect SC.600 has high efficiency for charging and discharging and a wide DC input range, so can be used with any state of the art battery technology currently available.

"With the increasing shift to renewables, there is a growing need to manage how electrical power is provided to the grid," says Stefan Kempen, Product Manager at AEG Power Solutions. "UET's energy storage systems are an innovative solution that will help utilities add more renewables, and simplify how they are integrated with other sources." UET delivers megawatt-scale energy storage solutions for both power and energy simultaneously. Projects to date include for utilities, commercial and industrial, and micro‐grids. The core patented technology is an advanced vanadium flow battery, with breakthrough electrolyte developed at PNNL, with funding from the US DOE.

The Uni.System features a plug & play ISO containerized design, state‐of‐the‐art controls, and power electronics. The water-based technology is inherently safe, operationally flexible, reliable, long‐life, and economically compelling. The Uni.System installed in Pullman WA, is the largest deployed flow battery in North America and Europe, supporting demand response, peak shaving, renewable generation integration, ramping, and frequency and voltage regulation.

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