AMA Innovation Award 2015: Six Teams Nominated

Special Award Goes to a “Young Enterprise” from Austria

  • March 13, 2015
  • AMA Innovation Award 2015: Six Teams Nominated
    AMA Innovation Award 2015: Six Teams Nominated

For the past 15 years, the AMA Innovation Award has been considered as one of the most coveted prizes in sensor and measuring technology. This year, 50 research and developer teams from Germany and abroad entered the contest for the 10,000-euro award. Admitted to the special "Young Enterprise Award" contest were start-ups, with no more than five years in business, fewer than 50 employees, and an annual turnover of less than 10 million euros. The winning team gets the opportunity to exhibit their products free of charge at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg.

The special award goes to Dr. Christian Pawlu's team from Vienna (Crystalline Mirror Solutions GmbH, Vienna) for the development of an "Ultraprecise Frequency Measurement with Crystalline Semiconductor Mirrors."

"This year, the quality of the outstanding submissions was particularly high, so we nominated six of them. Each of these developments again proves just how essential sensor and measuring technologies are for the advancement of the most diverse areas," says jury chair Prof. Dr. Andreas Schütze from the Saarland University. "Among the six nominations we already have a winner: Dr. Christian Pawlu and his team are to be commended as a 'Young Enterprise.' They have been invited to present their developments at no charge at the SENSOR+TEST 2015 in Nuremberg. Moreover, the submitted project is still a promising candidate for the AMA Innovation Award 2015."

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