Amplifier Module

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With adjustable trip alarms and display

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Amplifier Module
Amplifier Module

Accepting 0-10VDC or 4-20mA inputs, the HS-510 dual trip amplifier module is ideal for operation with Hansford Sensors’ range of industrial accelerometers in situations where vibration levels need to be monitored, tripping alarm relays at predetermined points. The inputs can be direct from the HS-420 industrial accelerometers or via company’s other modules such as the HS-530, HS-535, HS-556 or HS-557. The front panel digital display allows the trip values to be set. When exceeded, these operate the internal dual relays, the contacts of which can be used for visual or audible alarms or to control or shutdown machinery or process plant. The relays are 3A rated at 240VAC in NO or NC format, in latching or non-latching modes. Ready for DIN-rail mounting, the module measures 114.5x99x22.5mm. The company offers a wide choice or HS-500 sensor conditioning modules together with a variety of industrial accelerometers to suit all types of applications across industry where vibration monitoring is used as an effective way to protect all rotating machinery and avoid costly shutdowns.

Posted on December 22, 2011 - (1154 views)
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