Compact Triaxal Accelerometer

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Can withstand up to 130°C

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Motors & Drives

Compact Triaxal Accelerometer
Compact Triaxal Accelerometer

Hansford Sensors provides a new compact triaxal accelerometer for condition monitoring on pumps, fans, motors, and more. The HS-183 is capable of simultaneously measuring vibration in three axes, providing a single integrated output for quick and accurate phase analysis. 

Three AC outputs via M12 Connector

This accelerometer features a three-way mounting option, allowing for a secure fit in applications where there is limited access. It can withstand up to 130ºC and sealed to IP67, providing mechanical protection in the harsh industries that we are all involved in. It fits the use in industries such as building services, pulp and paper, mining, metals, utilities, automotive, water, pharmaceutical.

Posted on May 19, 2020 - (462 views)
Hansford Sensors Ltd
Artisan, Hillbottom Road, Sands Industrial Estate
HP12 4HJ High Wycombe - United Kingdom
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