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New Industrial Products

Dual Output Sensors

Offer vibration and temperature measurement

Posted on April 6, 2011 - ( views)

by Web Editor

Simultaneously measuring both vibration and temperature, the HS-100PT and HS-420RT from Hansford Sensors are constructed in welded stainless steel, offering robustness and reliability when operated in harsh industrial environments. The HS-100PT has a 100mV/g vibration output as standard (other sensitivities are available) and PT100 temperature output for easy interface with on-line monitoring systems. The HS-420RT version has a built-in PT100 temperature sensor, but offers the vibration output as a standard 4-20mA signal for use in low cost on-line monitoring with the capability of interfacing directly with PLCs, BMS or any 4-20mA input module. For use with their sensors, the company also supply a choice of multi-sensor connection and switch boxes, conditioning modules with alarm facilities and accessories of mounting studs, magnets and cable assemblies.

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