Compact Stainless Steel Enclosures HS-SC

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With a range of channels offering a robust facility for data collection from remote points

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Compact Stainless Steel Enclosures HS-SC
Compact Stainless Steel Enclosures HS-SC

Compact stainless steel enclosures from Hansford Sensors are available with a range of channels, offering a robust and convenient facility for data collection from remote points. The compact enclosures (HS-SC) can be specified with up to six channels, providing a series of solutions for different industrial environments and process conditions where vibration measurement is required.

Hansford Sensors stainless steel enclosures provide a common point to terminate up to 100 accelerometers in situations where, for reasons of health and safety, engineers cannot get access to the machinery to take a reading. The enclosures are sealed to IP66 and, since they are formed from stainless steel, can also be used in hygiene-critical applications, such as those in the food industry.

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