Angle Encoder

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uses absolute inductive measuring technique

Sensor Technology

Angle Encoder
Angle Encoder

A high precision angle encoder, named IncOder, has been launched by Zettlex, which uses an absolute inductive measuring technique. The measurement performance of the device is unaffected by humidity, moisture, condensation or dust and so is apt for use in harsh environments where electrical contacts, optical encoders or capacitive devices may be unreliable. The device has two components: a stator and a rotor, each shaped like a flat ring. The large through-bore makes it easy to accommodate large through-shafts, slip rings, cables and so on. Possible applications include test and calibration equipment, actuator servos and motor encoders, robotic arms and CNC machine tools, as well as packaging and laboratory automation.

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Posted on October 7, 2010 - (1133 views)
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