Inductive Encoder

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Allows accurate Measurement of Shaft Speed


Inductive Encoder
Inductive Encoder

Measuring or controlling the speed of most rotating shafts is straightforward but significant problems can arise as soon as one starts to talk about accuracy. Supplied as two rings, a stator and a rotor, IncOder by Zettlex allows the shaft of a motor to pass through its large bore. This allows much more representative conditions for speed and position control. The encoder's rotor screws onto the shaft, either directly or by using a grub-screw style collar. The encoder offers absolute angle measurement, combined with a re-settable zero position and a 256k to 512k counts per revolution with the possibility of 4 million counts as standard. As the devices are inductive, there are no problems if they get wet or dirty. The absence of any bearings or seals means long term operation without requiring maintenance or servicing.

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