Angle Joints

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Angle Joints
Angle Joints

Effecting linear motion continuously and reliably under conditions of axial offset places high demands on the linking elements used. Angle joints fulfil these demands and provide for safety and operational capability. It is particularly useful to be able to have recourse to an entire assortment of the most diverse variants. mbo Osswald now offers directly from stock a huge variety. As well as coming with right-hand threads, angle joints in accordance with DIN 71802 are also offered with left-hand threads or fine threads. This also applies to ball sockets in accordance with DIN 71805 and ball studs in accordance with DIN 71803. If the angle joints are additionally exposed to problematic ambient conditions (dust, dirt, moisture, or similar), special angle joints with sealing caps provide protection against fouling and maintain mobility. Specially suited to linear applications is the axial joint, a 180° variant of the standard angle joint. To be able to absorb particularly high loads, a non-disassembling variant of the axle joint has been specially developed. The service life of the parts can decrease rapidly if aggressive ambient conditions are added to the mechanical actions. Here the company offers angle joints, ball sockets, ball studs and axial joints made of stainless steel 1.4305 (303S22, Aisi 303) or 1.4404 (316S11, Aisi 316L). These products are far more corrosion-resistant than comparable steel parts. The retainers incorporated in the joint (such as snap ring and circlip) are for safety reasons always fashioned in stainless steel in both the standard and the stainless steel versions. The user benefits from a longer service life and makes the crucial step towards increased safety. All the combined parts are naturally also available as single parts.

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