Bauer Announces Global Expansion Plans

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"Providing local availability to customers already operating in China"

Karl-Peter Simon, MD of Bauer and Senior Vice President of Geared Motors for Altra
Karl-Peter Simon, MD of Bauer and Senior Vice President of Geared Motors for Altra

With fresh investment and a new global support network from the company's parent Altra Industrial Motion, Bauer's plans for global expansion now have both substantial momentum and clear focus. Karl-Peter Simon, MD of Bauer and Senior Vice President of Geared Motors for Altra, explains Bauer's plans: "The first major public step in our current business expansion plan was taken on March 7th when we opened a new assembly plant in China. Contrary to current trends, the facility was established to provide local availability to customers already operating in China and develop local business, not, as other manufacturers have done, to seek a low-cost manufacturing base to import products back into Europe.
Since building the world's first commercially available range of gear motors Bauer has been recognised as a pioneer in the technology. In recent years there has been a focus on improving energy efficiency with the use of standard inverters and the development of a completely new permanent magnetic motor range in order to achieve premium operational efficiencies. Energy efficiency and long maintenance life, increasing OEE are the main drivers for us, beyond global availability and support.
Under Altra's stewardship we now find ourselves in a position where we can look at the emerging markets, especially the BRIC countries, and grow our global presence. With this goal in mind the opening of our new facilities in China was the first natural step. China is currently the fastest growing economy in the world, and with its recent announcement of a five year plan that connects its growth to increased efficiency, our products now have an even more relevant position in this market.
While other manufacturers move to China in order to reduce the production costs on the products they sell to Europe, we have moved to China to support our existing business there and to create the foundations required to develop new business for the local Chinese market. The plant will assemble and stock our key products which will reduce lead times on new motors and replacement parts significantly. This means we can offer the same levels of Bauer quality and support in Asia that is enjoyed by our European customers."

Posted on August 6, 2012 - (304 views)
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