Bellows grippers

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for handling fragile workpieces

Vision & Identification

Bellows grippers
Bellows grippers
Bellows grippers
Bellows grippers

The DHEB series bellows grippers employ flexible bellows which expand in diameter when actuated by an integral pneumatically-driven piston, to securely grip the interior surface of a workpiece. The range of bellows grippers provides an pneumatic automation solution to the problem of transporting or holding fragile workpieces. The grippers are suitable for a diverse range of processing and manufacturing industries, spanning the food, pharmaceutical, general industrial and electrical sectors. Typical applications include general handling, sorting and packaging of fragile workpieces such as glasses, bottles, cups, beakers and ceramic containers. Grippers are available with 11 choices of contiguous bellow sizes, ranging from 8 to 63mm. The largest ones can accommodate workpiece weights as high as 52kg. Opening and closing times depend on the size of the bellows - the 8mm model for example, opens in 10 and closes in 30ms. The gripper can be equipped with magneto-resistive or reed switches to sense the upper and lower positions of the internal piston, and provide control feedback on the state of the bellows.

Posted on September 16, 2011 - (281 views)
Festo AG & Co. KG
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