Brevini Catalogue for Latest WHL Winch Range now Available

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Brevini recently launched its new WHL winch range which combines rugged strength with compact dimensions. The full details and specifications of the complete range are now available in the comprehensive catalogue

Brevini Catalogue for Latest WHL Winch Range now Available
Brevini Catalogue for Latest WHL Winch Range now Available

The new WHL range of hoisting winches from Brevini has been specifically designed for use by OEMs as an integral part of their equipment. With a line pull capacity up to 8,000 kg, these winches can easily be integrated into a wide range of applications such as mobile, marine and loading cranes, stationary crane systems, construction machinery and drilling rigs.
All of the winches in the product range are manufactured using the highest quality materials providing high reliability and a long service life, even in the toughest of environments. The high performance and compact dimensions are made possible through the planetary gear system which is located inside the drum.
Customers are offered a choice of motor options including orbital and axial hydraulic pumps or electric motors. This choice defines the design of the reduction ratios, which must be selected accordingly, in order to optimise the performance of each winch system.  
The entire range can also be specified with a number of options including grooved drums, various wire rope designs, torque sensors and minimum rope controllers.
The new range has been designed, of course in full compliance with the international rules and regulations and according to the highest safety standards. As part of Brevini's continued support for the expanding winch business, it has improved sales services and reduced delivery times with the new stock and service centre located in Holland.
This has greatly improved the stock availability and reduced lead times for standard products and spare parts across Northern Europe.

Posted on June 5, 2015 - (376 views)
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