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With OLED Display and Ethernet

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CCD Scanner
CCD Scanner

Reliably recognizing barcodes at distances of up to 320 mm, Wenglor’s new CCD Scanner integrates Ethernet technology. Enclosed in a rugged aluminum housing, it checks labels for completeness and correct quality of included information, and reads barcodes which are printed or laser etched directly into glossy materials. Even barcodes with minimal contrast or poor printing quality can be detected by the CCD Scanner which works with red light. The scanned codes and the statuses of inputs and outputs can be viewed at a single glance in several languages on the intuitive OLED display. Inadvertent changes to selected sensor settings are prevented by means of password protection. The green “Good Read” LED mounted directly to the scanner provides the user with clear-cut feedback regarding the current scanning status. In addition to the graphic display the CCD Scanner can optionally be configured using a website set up especially for this product. The web site can be accessed using a browser of choice and data can be read out quickly and easily via a clear-cut user interface from anywhere in the world. Remote maintenance is also possible. Due to a uniform supply voltage of 24 V and IP67 protection, the scanner is also suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and extreme temperatures from -20 to 50°C. It can be can be configured via an RS-232 serial port or an Ethernet interface, and can be integrated into existing infrastructures. The scanner can be operated with all Ethernet based communication platforms, by means of which barcode data are read out and transmitted to the master controller. System components connected via Ethernet allow for fast data transfer, easy read-out and analysis of process and service data, as well as location-independent configuration of the sensors.

Posted on November 14, 2011 - (36 views)
Wenglor Sensoric GmbH
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