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QuickDAQ 2013 data logging software
QuickDAQ 2013 data logging software

Data Translation announces the release of the new QuickDAQ 2013 data logging software, which comes with all USB and Ethernet data acquisition modules as well as the PCI data acquisition boards from Data Translation. Users of DT data acquisition hardware can also download the software for free from the manufacturer's website. The ready-to-measure application provides data acquisition, display and logging functionality, and allows the export of data to an Excel file for more advanced analysis. Multiple modules can be run simultaneously and synchronously, supporting solutions with more than 200 channels. The software application has an intuitive user interface and delivers results in just a few steps. Combined with Data Translation's data acquisition modules or boards and a PC or notebook, this powerful solution provides an easy-to-use and ready-to-measure data logger. The connected data acquisition hardware is discovered automatically. Users can then configure all analog and digital inputs and sensors (thermocouples, RTDs, strain gages, etc.) and set the data acquisition parameters. Acquisition duration, sampling frequency, trigger settings, filter type, sensor units and many other features are quick and easy to customize and can be saved for future measurements. The results are shown in both a plot and a digital display, and are recorded continuously. During acquisition, users can scroll back and forth within the real-time display. The software application also provides all the necessary features for later loading and analysis of the recorded data, including autoscaling, display of multiple signal axes, and a wide range of zoom and cursor functions. In addition, the results can be exported to ASCII format for further analysis using other applications like Microsoft Excel, or inserted as a graphic in a Word document.

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