32 Analog Inputs Sampled at 20 Bit Resolution

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DT9844 raise the level for economical multiplexed data acquisition

Test & Measurement

32 Analog Inputs Sampled at 20 Bit Resolution
32 Analog Inputs Sampled at 20 Bit Resolution

Data Translation raises the bar for highly accurate yet affordable measurement systems. The DT9844 USB measurement devices combine outstanding 20 Bit A/D resolution on 32 analog input channels with high-speed data acquisition rates of up to 1 MS/s at an unmatched level of accuracy.

The DT9844 has been specially designed to minimize noise and crosstalk between channels, despite the high bandwidth needed to achieve this speed/accuracy benchmark. In addition 32 digital I/O and 5 multifunction counter channels can be synchronously acquired as part of the analog input data stream. The tri-sectional ±500V isolation to the PC reduces system noise to a minimum and avoids any ground loop problems.

The USB boxes or OEM-level PCB boards ship with the easy-to-use QuickDAQ data logging application for Windows. The software package also includes a wide range of free software interfaces and programming examples, e.g. for LabVIEW, MATLAB, DASYLab, and .NET.

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Posted on October 30, 2015 - (263 views)
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