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With comprehensive waveform generation functionality

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    Software Spectrum Analyzer

Data Translation announced the release of a new version of the VIBpoint Framework software spectrum analyzer. Version 3.0 provides new features to output stimuli with waveform generation. This allows using the analog outputs of data acquisition modules to output any frequency, swept sine or random noise; for example, in order to control a shaker for mechanical tests. With the Swept Sine options, resonance points can be detected over a defined frequency range. Stimulus-response measurements for audio and structural testing are also supported. The software can output the acquired data in Streaming, Burst or Repeat Burst Mode. It supports the DT9837-Series USB data acquisition modules for IEPE sensors and voltage measurements as well as the new DT9838 strain- and bridge-based USB measurement module with signal conditioning. The new version also gives users the possibility to simultaneously use different USB data acquisition modules by connecting up to 16 sensors of various types. The user interface has been designed for added ease-of-use and flexibility; for example, the plots of frequency-based analyses are now updated after each individual measurement. With the comprehensive new functionality and in combination with the USB and Ethernet data acquisition modules from the supplier, the software provides a complete vibration testing and modal analysis solution. All the key features of an FFT analyzer and waveform generator are integrated. The single-channel and two-channel FFT functions offer versatile application possibilities, including continuous and re-triggered data acquisition from up to 16 channels. The acquired vibration data is recorded to disk and analyzed using a wide range of features, including spectrum analysis with one or two signals. The new software version also provides flexible windowing and averaging options as well as powerful visualization tools.

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