DC/DC Converter Series from 8 to 240 W

For railway applications and other harsh environments

  • DC/DC Converter Series from 8 to 240 W
    DC/DC Converter Series from 8 to 240 W

RECOM has expanded its portfolio of DC/DC converters for the railway industry from 8W to 240W over the years and can now offer a broad portfolio of EN50155 certified products available on the market.The RPA series packs 20 W and 30 W in a 1”x1” case and 60 W in a 2”x1” case for a power density of 4,5 W/cm³ - one of the highest available on the market. For superior thermal performance, RECOM also offers the 20 W and 40 W in a 2”x1” case.

For use in harsh environments

These regulated DC/DC converters with their 4:1 wide input voltage range are especially designed for railway applications. The series are EN50155 certified and designed for use in harsh environments such as rolling stock. Since they are UL/cUL60950 certified, they are also a reliable choice for industrial and telecommunication applications. Besides 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V and 15 V single outputs, dual ±12 V and ±15 V outputs are available. The control pin logic can be chosen to be positive or negative. With efficiencies of up to 93%, cooling by natural convection is typically all that is needed, but if required, the modules are also available with a pre-mounted heatsink. The modules come with a 3 year warranty.