Descours & Cabaud acquires Hayley Group in the United Kingdom

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The company now covers 11 European countries and thus enters the small circle of MRO B-to-B distributors

Descours & Cabaud acquires Hayley Group in the United Kingdom
Descours & Cabaud acquires Hayley Group in the United Kingdom

Descours & Cabaud has acquired the Hayley Group, one of the leading MRO distributors in the UK. This acquisition provides the company with its first ever operation in the UK and is totally in line with the external growth strategy the Group launched two years ago.

Presence in Europe

Since 2014, Descours & Cabaud has greatly expanded its presence in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands with the integration of the companies Wiek de Laat Security, Kroon and Nomag; in Northern Italy where it has acquired CCRE; in Germany and Austria, where it acquired earlier this year the companies Rala and Steyr-Werner and most recently in Spain, with the companies Helios Dica and Bou. In total, eight European companies have joined the Group in the last two years.

Hayley, a major player in the UK

Created in 1976, Hayley services all sectors of industry and has developed a great expertise in the rail, food and beverage, aggregate & cement, utilities, agricultural and engineering sectors. Hayley offers a comprehensive range of MRO products for industrial maintenance combined with value-added services such as assembly and repair facilities, to support its clients in their search for improvement in productivity and efficiency. The group operates mainly in the UK with a small operation in the Czech Republic.

Posted on October 6, 2016 - (818 views)
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