Digital Pressure Peak Gauge

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Digital Pressure Peak Gauge
Digital Pressure Peak Gauge

LEO 1, the microprocessor-controlled digital pressure peak gauge from KELLER, polls the value for the pressure variable in a process 5000 times each second. The result: reliable detection of the dreaded pressure peaks - often of extremely short duration - usually caused by fast-switching hydraulic valves and pump units. This means that prompt action can be taken to prevent damage due to cavitation, etc. The two-key operating system provides access to the entire range of functions: the stored MAX/MIN can be erased and reset to zero, or the device can be switched to continuous mode. The device switches off automatically about 15 minutes after the last key is pressed this function extends the battery life where continuous operation is not required. After switching over to continuous operation, the battery has sufficient capacity for up to 1400 hours in manometer mode and up to 180 hours in peak value mode.

The dual digital display updates twice every second, showing the measured value and the minimum or maximum value attained. In the compensated temperature range from 0 to 50 °C, typical overall accuracy is 0,2 %FS (Full Scale). The device has a Zero Tare feature which allows the user to set the zero at any pressure, so the manometer will then always show deviations from the Zero Tare value as the actual value. With two keys, the user can parameterise all the functions on the peak value manometer. These include a choice of five different units of measurement and neutralization of the stored extreme values at the start of an observation period. The product is available in an IP65 housing with four practice-based measurement ranges of -1...3 bar to 0...1000 bar. The optional protective cover allows outdoor operation in all weather conditions. This instrument is also available in an an Exia ATEX approved version compliant with 94/9/EC.

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