DigiTrace NGC-20 temperature control system

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local control and central monitoring

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DigiTrace NGC-20 temperature control system
DigiTrace NGC-20 temperature control system

DigiTrace NGC-20 is an advanced field-mountable electronic temperature control system providing local control and central monitoring capabilities for industrial heat-tracing applications. Compared to a centralised control system, this thermostat can significantly reduce costs without compromising safety and reliability. Approved for hazardous areas, it is also available with an integrated intelligent safety temperature limiter (SIL 2 device). Heat-tracing is widely employed for temperature maintenance on process lines, vessels and other equipment. The demand for safe and reliable operation has increased the need for centralised access to critical heat-management system information. The system meets these objectives by combining the benefits of both centralised and local control. Temperatures, earth leakage, operating currents and other crucial data associated with heat-tracing circuit integrity is constantly monitored and reported. Both monitoring and configuration can be achieved remotely via the User Interface Terminal and/or by using supervisory software application.

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