ETG Opens New EtherCAT Test Center in China

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Located at Beihang University in Beijing

ETG Opens New EtherCAT Test Center in China
ETG Opens New EtherCAT Test Center in China

With an official ceremony to mark the occasion, the EtherCAT Technology Group recently opened an official EtherCAT Test Center (ETC) at the Laboratory of Numerical Control and Automation (LNC) at Beihang University in Beijing. The opening ceremony was held in the new main building of Beihang University and was attended by the dean and the vice dean of the Beihang School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Prof. Gang Zhao and Prof. Zhenggan Zhou. Beryl Fan, ETG Representative in China, explains the special meaning of the LNC for EtherCAT: "We are particularly pleased that we established the EtherCAT Test Center at the LNC. Under the management of Prof. Ji Huan, who is a well-known researcher in the field of communication technologies and CNC controls, the LNC was already an acknowledged EtherCAT Competence Center in 2010."
Dr. Yanqiang Liu will be responsible for management and test operation at the ETC. Dr. Liu, who is highly experienced with EtherCAT, spent 6 months in Germany to study the technology in detail. Together with Prof. Ji Huan he is also the author of the Chinese EtherCAT textbook.

Posted on February 25, 2013 - (1014 views)
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