First Eight-Channel USB-Powered Multi-Sensor Measurement Module

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DT9829 offers direct connection for multiple sensor types

Sensor Technology

First Eight-Channel USB-Powered Multi-Sensor Measurement Module
First Eight-Channel USB-Powered Multi-Sensor Measurement Module

Data Translation announces a USB-powered multi-sensor measurement module. The 8-channel DT9829 supports the direct connection of different sensor types, from thermocouples, NTCs and RTDs to bridge-based sensors. Voltage, current and resistance measurements are also supported. With the included QuickDAQ data logger, all settings are easy to configure for each sensor type.

The high accuracy measurement module has a 24-bit A/D converter allowing sampling rates of up to 960 Hz. In addition to the analog channels, the module provides four digital inputs supporting TTL, 12 V or 24 V signals. Four open collector outputs enable the switching of relays and other control tasks. All inputs and outputs have 500V isolation from the USB ground.

The multi-sensor module is available as a rugged connection box with screw terminals or as an OEM embedded board-level version. Running entirely on USB power, the measurement module is ideal for use as a portable device.

The new DT9829 comes with the QuickDAQ data logging software. This application provides quick and easy data acquisition, display and logging functionality, and allows the export of data to an Excel file. The supplied software package comprises 32/64 bit drivers for Windows operating systems as well as a comprehensive range of software tools, such as interfaces for LabVIEW, MATLAB and .NET.

Posted on January 28, 2014 - (965 views)
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