First Sensor AG Completes Integration of Subsidiaries With New Market Presence

Corporate naming and shared brand identity support market penetration and leadership claim in core markets

  • May 29, 2015
  • First Sensor AG Completes Integration of Subsidiaries With New Market Presence
    First Sensor AG Completes Integration of Subsidiaries With New Market Presence

First Sensor AG is completing the integration of the subsidiaries it has acquired over the past years with a common market presence. The international sensor system company is appearing with uniform company names and a common brand identity with immediate effect and is thus now also reflecting externally the strategic direction and structure adopted in 2014.

"We have consistently geared our strategy towards the core Industrial, Medical and Mobility segments. In doing so, we have brought the company forward significantly in terms of its structure and its development and production potential. First Sensor is now highly profitable and ideally positioned strategically to play a leading role in the growth market of sensors. With our new brand image, we are expressing all of this confidently," comments Dr. Martin U. Schefter, CEO of First Sensor AG. "At the same time, our new corporate design is also intended to highlight the things that we think make First Sensor unique: our proximity to our customers, our innovative strength, and our quality standards. This combination is what characterizes us and what drives us."

In conjunction with the new market presence, the subsidiaries are also being brought together under the umbrella of First Sensor AG. In addition to the uniform brand identity, this also encompasses a joint website and renaming the subsidiaries that do not yet have "First Sensor" in their names. "With the structure consisting of three business units and the overarching competence centers for research and development and for production, we already completed the unification across all locations and countries into an integrated, fast-growing technology company last year. The new name and the shared external presence now make this visible at a glance," says Schefter. "In this way, we wish to enhance our appeal for customers and employees alike." First Sensor currently has 836 employees worldwide.

The revised First Sensor AG website, which combines the content of the subsidiaries' previously separate websites in a fast, informative and responsive site, went online today. Tomorrow the sensor system company will present its new presence to national and international customers at the leading trade fair Sensor+Test in Nuremberg.