Flowmeters for OEM Applications

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They benefit from tested modern manufacturing methods

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Flowmeters for OEM Applications
Flowmeters for OEM Applications

Titan Enterprises offers a wide range of bespoke flow measurement systems designed for a particular application, whether it is a low-cost OEM solution or a specialist design in exotic materials you are looking for.


Titan look to produce an optimised flowmeter to match your exact application requirements and thus not compromise achievable results with a less than ideal sensor. The resultant device will be unique to your application but will still benefit from tested modern manufacturing methods to ensure a competitive, high quality OEM solution.

Complete service

From an initial concept, Titan can offer a complete service from budget costing through prototypes to full production. Often the cost of origination and tooling can be amortised over the life of the product.


The materials used in the construction of Titan flowmeters are always of the highest standard, and include 316 stainless steel, titanium, chemically resistant engineering plastics and sapphire. 

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