Focus On Improving Productivity and Cost Effectiveness

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2012 European Manufacturing Strategies Summit (EMS)

Focus On Improving Productivity and Cost Effectiveness
Focus On Improving Productivity and Cost Effectiveness

The 8th Annual EMS Summit has been declared a success by the CLPA, a Platinum Sponsor of the conference. The main aims of this year's summit were on improving productivity and cost effectiveness, identifying future proof manufacturing strategies and regaining global competitiveness. CLPA's contribution to these aims was to show how CC-Link provides a transparent, open network hierarchy intended to maximize productivity, as well as how the "Gateway to China" (G2C) program opens overseas opportunities.
Furthermore, since energy management was a key concern for many delegates, the imminent launch of the CC-Link IE Energy technology was also of particular interest. The CLPA teamed up with Northern Design Metering Solutions, a CLPA partner, to host a workshop presentation entitled "A Holistic Approach to Energy Management".
Delegates attended the summit from across a wide range of industries, producing creative and useful cross fertilization during the networking periods scheduled into the event. John Browett, General Manager of the CLPA, said: "This is a key strength of the summit. someone from say the glass industry will be explaining how they saved energy or reduced reworking or benefited from a new technology and someone else, perhaps in food processing, will realize that the idea is transferable to their industry."

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