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Handling Equipment
Handling Equipment

Insensitive to dust, humidity, fumes and other generally poor working conditions, the JDN general duty Mini series air hoists, with lift capacities from 125 to 1000 kg, are rated Ex II 3 GD IIA T4(X). All units, including the company’s larger capacity handling products with lift capacities up to 115 tonnes, are suitable for lube-free operation with easy maintenance. They feature sensitive, infinitely variable speed control for precise load positioning, with overload protection as standard. Operating over a temperature range of ‑20 to 70 °C, the products provide general lifting or load transfer operations within the chemical and a wide range of general industries. Submersible pumps, motors, pipework and containerised raw finished goods can all be safety and efficiently accommodated for plant operation, repair or maintenance including tank cleaning functions. Special purpose hoists for big bag handling or twin parallel hoist units with synchronised lifting can also be supplied, together with low-headroom hoists where limited space is available. The hydraulically operated crane systems include single or double girder overhead travelling cranes, underslung cranes with low headroom trolley designs and slewing jib cranes. They can also feature rack and pinion drives for safe power transmission in offshore or other vessel mounted operations if required. The lifting equipment is 100% duty cycle rated, thus eliminating downtime, and can be remotely controlled using pendant cable controllers, or wireless hand-held radio operated units.

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